I like drums and I like code.

18 year old apprentice software developer currently working for DSG Financial Services (all views expressed are my own unless explicitly specified otherwise). I like being creative, and as such have lots of hobby projects on the go (such as Megnuts!).

I’m also heavily interested in music as when I am not writing code I am on stage, drumming. I currently play with UkePunk and Arrowhead as well as Besses Boys Brass Band. I am auditioning for THE COMPANY and Kidsgrove Scouts drum corps, and spent last year marching with Revolution Show Corps. I have also previously played with the Greater Manchester Police Band, the Band of the King’s Division, and at the BBC Proms (just to name a few 😉 ). I have also previously been a member of the HallĂ© Youth Orchestra, and used to study at the Junior school at the Royal Northern College of Music.