yummy yummy

yummy yummy is a proof of concept app for a fictional Mexican restaurant. As part of my Software Development Technician apprenticeship, I had to design the UI and test that it worked. I thought I’d give myself slightly more work, and make it a functioning Android app!

During the UI Development section of the course, we learnt all about different rules for designing UI (such as Fitt’s Law and Neilsen’s 10 Heuristic Laws). Applying this knowledge, as well as further tuition about accessibility, we were tasked with coming up with a logo, colour scheme and UI design for a food delivery company. All these details, and the reasoning behind them, are available in the yummy yummy powerpoint located within the Git repository.

Technical details:

  • Languages used: XML, Java
  • Frameworks used: Google Play Services (for Google Maps)
  • Skills required: UI design, Mobile development, Google Maps API Integration
  • Target platform: Mobile (Android only)
  • System type: Proof of concept


  • Developers: 1
  • Development methodology: Agile


  • Project Start Date: 21st December 2017
  • Project Status: Complete [22/12/17]
  • Git Repository: Yes [Github or BitBucket]
  • Category: Food

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