On The Spot

RadioheadRihannaChance the Rapper. All of these are not names you would expect to see on a drum corps show announcement.

And yet, here they are.

I went down to THE COMPANY’s December camp over the weekend of the 9th-10th of December. I had previously been there to audition in 2017, and had attended their first open rehearsal last month. However, this time I was alone. I was the only person that was playing tenors. At the other camp, there was another guy called Grant, however it seems he has changed his mind!

For the first day of the camp we were in sectionals and sub-sectionals. However, as my section is just me, I tagged along with the snare rehearsal whilst the bass line went off on their own. We did warm up after warm up, before moving on to some show music. And what music it was! The first piece that has been arranged is Radiohead‘s Paranoid Android, which will make up part of the show this year.

We then moved into a visual block, to improve our marching technique as well as laying down the fundamentals for some of the things we will have to do throughout the show.

We had a short meeting to discuss the current status of the show, as well as to officially release it out into the world! The show for 2018 is called On The Spot, and it features City Boy by Judd GreensteinParanoid Android by RadioheadStay by Rihanna ft. Micky Ekko and All We Got by Chance the Rapper ft. Kanye West & Chicago Children’s ChoirAndrew Markworth, the man behind all the music, also took some time to talk with us all and explain most of the ideas behind the concept for this year’s show.

Finally, we headed back into sectionals with a goal of repping chunks, so we would be able to run them in ensemble the next day. We managed to get through a lot of music on the Saturday!

Once all the drumming had finished and we had done our warm-down routine, the CO Christmas Party began! I’m convinced that this is the reason why Andrew Markworth had chosen this rehearsal to fly out to!

We woke up on Sunday morning to white, a blank canvas. It had snowed rather heavily overnight, so the staff team decided to end rehearsal around lunch time. We still managed to get loads of ensemble visual work done, as well as having a little extra sectional time, so overall I’d say we’re in a pretty strong place!

After attending camps run by both Kidsgrove and THE COMPANY, I have decided that I like On The Spot more than 24601, and as such I will be marching with THE COMPANY in 2018!


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