Paragon Bank Integration

As part of our finance-broking service, we integrate with several finance providers. The latest one of these lenders is Paragon. In order to connect to their system, I have had to liaise with the IT department at Paragon as well as developing a SOAP Application and response converter. I have also had to manually recalculate the monthly payment, as their system calculates finance figures slightly differently to ours (we’re talking a difference of fractions of pence). This is my first project since starting at DSG.


Steve Mullins from Paragon came to visit us to ensure everything was working correctly. We had to make a couple of changes (as their specification document is a draft from 2014), but it was quick and easy enough to do in the time he was here.


Technical details:

  • Languages used: VB.Net, C#, XML, SQL
  • Frameworks used: In-house DSG Frameworks
  • Skills required: API Integration [SOAP], Server-side (Windows), Technical Specification Comprehension
  • Target platform: Web (Server-side)
  • System type: Modular


  • Developers: 1
  • Development methodology: Agile


  • Project Start Date: 6th November 2017
  • Project Status: Live [07/12/2017]
  • Git Repository: No
  • Category: Finance

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