I have decided to create a SoundCloud playlist containing all the songs that I have played on, and plan to update this with future songs. This will be useful as a sort of portfolio, as well as something that will be interesting to look back on over time. I’ll keep a master-post of the tracks here:

      1. Carried By The Tides  Cataclysm, 2014
        This was the first song I recorded with Cataclysm, and the only one to be released onto SoundCloud.
      2. Demons  LT – Secret Project, 2016
        This is the first song from a percussion-only covers album I am currently working on. It is a cover of the Imagine Dragons song.
      3. Blue Jacob Saunders, 2017
        Jacob is a good friend of mine, and a really talented songwriter, guitarist and sound engineer and I would highly recommend checking out his band, Dear Caroline. This song is part of a solo project of his, recording a song for each of the different colours.
      4. Dark Room  Arrowhead – Vignettes, 2017
        This song is the lead single from Arrowhead’s debut EP, Vignettes, which was recorded in a refurbished shed! It tells the story of a murderer struggling to come to terms with their crime.
      5. Anti-Citizen Arrowhead – Vignettes, 2017
        This is a re-recording of the first song to be released by the band, as the line-up has substantially changed since formation. This song tells a tale of anarchy


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