Megnuts! is a bet tipping service that my dad and  I are currently working on. It attempts to calculate whether both teams will score in a match as well as trying to predict how many goals there will be. It is a rule-based system, which has several different rulesets (the Megnuts family of rulesets being the public-facing ones). These rules evaluate many different conditions in order to calculate the most accurate predictions possible with the current data set. The majority of posts about this system will be located on the Megnuts! blog.

Technical details:

  • Languages used: HTML, PHP, Javascript, JSON, CSS, [My]SQL
  • Frameworks used: jQuery, Chart.js
  • Skills required: API Integration [JSON], Web Development (both client and server-side), AJAX requests, API Development [JSON,PHP,SQL], Framework Development
  • Target platform: Web
  • System type: Rule-based


  • Developers: 1
  • Development methodology: Agile


  • Project Start Date: 24th October 2017
  • Project Status: Testing
  • Git Repository: Yes [Private]
  • Category: Gambling

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