North West Area 2018

Percussion can’t win you contests, but it can certainly lose them! – Taffy, Blackburn and Darwen Band After a long week of rehearsals and last minute tweaks, it was a blessing to have been pre-drawn in the second half. We could all have a lie-in as we wouldn’t be playing until at least 1pm, meaning […]

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Our House

(in the middle of our street!) I had a great time at the Derby High School helping out with their second annual school production, one which was definitely a step up from the previous year! A massive ‘well done’ to all the cast and crew for such a marvellous show!

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RNCM Day of Percussion 2018

As a former student at the Junior school, I was really looking forward to returning to the RNCM and seeing some of my friends. The first event of the day was a massed percussion ensemble performing ‘Hidden Treasure’. When I was a student here we had used this as an ice-breaker at the start of […]

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Butlins 2018

Saturday the 13th of January saw 72 bands descend on Skegness for the annual Butlins’ Mineworkers Contest. Split into 5 sections across 4 different venues, there was something for everyone, with bands competing in the Championship section being required to prepare an entertainment repertoire as well as a contest piece. Competing with Besses Boys Band […]

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2017: My Year in Review

Warning: very long post ahead! Well, it’s that time again. 2017 has been a year filled with personal growth for me, as well as many new opportunities that I am grateful for! With that being said, I though I’d look back through everything that’s happened this year and pick out some of my favourite moments! […]

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yummy yummy

yummy yummy is a proof of concept app for a fictional Mexican restaurant. As part of my Software Development Technician apprenticeship, I had to design the UI and test that it worked. I thought I’d give myself slightly more work, and make it a functioning Android app! During the UI Development section of the course, […]

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Vignettes Pre-order

Over the summer, I rejoined a band (Arrowhead) with a couple of college buddies of mine. We spent a week recording in the shed at Esche Haus Studio, and have come out with some stuff we’re really happy with. We’ve put all those tracks onto an EP, entitled Vignettes, which is now available for pre-order on […]

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On The Spot

Radiohead. Rihanna. Chance the Rapper. All of these are not names you would expect to see on a drum corps show announcement. And yet, here they are. I went down to THE COMPANY’s December camp over the weekend of the 9th-10th of December. I had previously been there to audition in 2017, and had attended their first […]

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Paragon Bank Integration

As part of our finance-broking service, we integrate with several finance providers. The latest one of these lenders is Paragon. In order to connect to their system, I have had to liaise with the IT department at Paragon as well as developing a SOAP Application and response converter. I have also had to manually recalculate the monthly […]

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Les Misérables is one of my favourite musicals. I’m always delighted to be asked to be in the pit for a show as I love the music so much! Les Misérables was also the first drum corps show I ever saw. I was performing in the pit for a high school production of the musical […]

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